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PayPal Aggressively Expands to the UK

Introduction PayPal ($PYPL), the global payments provider, announced on Sunday that UK customers will soon have access to Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Litecoin ($LTC) and Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) through PayPal’s…

Why Tesla is Under Investigation

Introduction Tesla’s ($TSLA) driver-assistance system has been placed under review by federal safety regulators. From January 2018-July 2021, at least 11 incidents were reported regarding Tesla’s Autopilot feature. CNN has confirmed…

Investing in 2021

Introduction In this article, I will dive into three of the biggest events and trends in the past few years that have fundamentally changed the investing landscape. COVID-19 is Reaching…

How Robinhood’s IPO Changed the Game

Introduction Over the past year, Robinhood has captivated the entire retail investor community. Even though they’ve provided amateur traders with unrivaled market accessibility, this hasn’t been as good as it’s…